Join us and teach babywearing yoga as well as the art of babywearing in your community. This is the perfect follow on class for Hypnobirthing instructors , Pregnancy Yoga Teachers & Baby Massage Teachers (You can train in all of these with us too at an affordable price!)
You won't find Yogaroo's anywhere else!


We are members of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance- you can find us as listed Educators on their site!


This unique training includes:

Wildflower Babywearing Consultant Accreditation

Yogaroos Babywearing Yoga Teacher Training



We explore:


The culture and history of babywearing 

The effects of pregnancy and birth on the pelvic floor, spine and core

The development of babies hips and spine

Correct positioning and safe use of slings for both parents and baby

Types of sling available and how to match these to an individual parents needs

How slings support attachment & responsive parenting

How babywearing supports maternal mental health and the gentle transition from womb to world

Babywearing and responsive parenting

The link between babywearing and attachment

Babywearing for twins

Feeding and carrying

Carrying whilst pregnant

Yoga and meditation  for postnatal recovery

We also include the following courses for FREE for Yogaroos Teachers

Fourth Trimester Wellbeing

Mother Circle Facilitation

Certificate in Perinatal Anatomy and Physiology


FREE Cloth Nappy Consultant Accreditation:

Disposable nappies are a landfill disaster, at Wildflower we take an eco conscious approach to parenting, which is why we offer this training free of charge to our yogaroos teachers. Support parents to understand the benefits of reusable nappies, how to ensure they are using the correct size, how to effectively care for reusable nappies and where to find responsible sources supplies.

This training has extensive video tutorials , parent support handouts and a module dedicated to professional practice.