Attending a yoga class or workshop can feel really daunting- especially when we see so many insta perfect routines and super flexible, athletic yogis! I want to reassure you that Wildflower Yoga is different. Our Yoga is for real people. Our Yoga is for every single person. Our Yoga is about how you feel, not how you look.

Yoga has been an absolute life saver for me - its my go to when i'm feeling frazzled, overwhelmed or anxious and i can't wait to share it's magic with more people! Our studio is a real community space where our teachers can practice teach for their case studies or run a regular workshop that they want to share - including everything from Hypnobirthing to Mindful Mumma fitness!

We want to support as many people as possible to take a more ethical approach to their day to day life- but we know this can be hard, lifes busy and very often the most convenient options aren't the most eco friendly (or cost effective) We are challenging that!


Our online studio is a one stop shop for both eco conscious professionals and families . We are extremely careful to ensure that everything we stock is completely  aligned with our ethos and work with a handful of brand partners who share our passion.

We are super busy sourcing and uploading some really exciting products and resources - so if you can't find what you're looking for right now please pop back or get in touch!

If you would like us to stock your items and you're aligned with our ethos please do get in touch- we would love to chat with you and are keen to support like-minded small businesses. You can contact us at


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