This work is so important. As a collective of aligned women we can truly make a difference to the lives of so many people. 

On completion of your six weeks Roots immersion you will offered the opportunity to train as a Roots Method Facilitator. This training will enable you to run Roots ReWilding circles and workshops within your own community and share the magic of your own journey.

During this programme you will develop the skills to professionally lead breathwork, meditation and healing circles to ground and support women of all ages.


You will learn the importance of nervous system regulation and how this impacts our wellbeing on every level.

You will empower women to understand the preprogrammed systems that keep us disconnected and dysregulated.

This training is only be open to those who have already experienced the Roots Journey for themselves and the full investment of the 6 week programme has been  deducted from the facilitator training fee (£1110)

Roots Facilitator Training