Our Parent and Baby Nurture Diploma enables our practioners to offer a full package of support for new parents, including:


Fourth Trimester Postnatal Wellbeing 

Womb to world newborn care

Baby Massage Teacher Training

Baby Yoga &  Developmental Play Teacher Training

Baby and Toddler Reflexology Teacher Training

Gentle Sleep Support Consultant Accreditation

Babywearing Consultant Accrediatation

Mum and Baby Reiki

Meditation for Mothers

Facilitating a Mother circle


Each Module comes with a parent ebook and handouts, extensive class and specialist workshop plans and video tutorials.


Added FREE bonuses

-Affordable, flexible payment plans

-Regularly updated course content

-The Wildflower  Business Toolkit

-The Wildflower Practitioner Nurture Toolkit

-Ongoing membership to our closed community group

-A discount on further training

-Ongoing support and one to one mentorship

-Half Price Yoga and wellbeing classes in the Wildflower Online Studio

- Exclusive Training Webinars 




Parent & Baby Nurture Diploma