Our Parent and Baby Nurture Diploma enables our practioners to offer a full package of support for new parents, including:


Includes our Certificate in Perinatal Anatomy & Physiology

Fourth Trimester Postnatal Wellbeing 

Womb to world newborn care

Baby Massage Teacher Training

Nature Babies Class Leader Accreditation

Baby Yoga &  Developmental Play Teacher Training

Baby and Toddler Reflexology Teacher Training

Gentle Sleep Support Consultant Accreditation

Babywearing Consultant Accrediatation

The Holistic Newborn Nurture Programme

Perinatal Mother circle Facilitation

Each Module comes with a parent ebook and handouts, extensive class and specialist workshop plans and video tutorials.


Added FREE bonuses

-Affordable, flexible payment plans

-Regularly updated course content

-The Wildflower  Business Toolkit

-The Wildflower Practitioner Nurture Toolkit

-Ongoing membership to our closed community group

-A discount on further training

-Ongoing support and one to one mentorship

-Half Price Yoga and wellbeing classes in the Wildflower Online Studio

- Exclusive Training Webinars 




Parent & Baby Wellbeing Diploma