This beautiful course focuses on the power of nature and how it can support the holistic wellbeing of Mothers and Babies.


It includes:


Fourth Trimester Wellbeing Practitioner Certification


Defining the fourth trimester

Physical Wellbeing

Postnatal Nutrition & Wellness

Emotional Wellbeing & Perinatal Mental Health

Birth Trauma

Workshop and Class Plans

Parent Workbook including recipes, natural postnatal recovery remedies and gentle exercise (67 pages)


The Holistic Newborn Nurture Programme:



Newborn Sleep

Early attachment

Recognising babies cues

Postnatal wellbeing

7 guided meditation scripts

A 97 page printable workbook

Video lectures including a demonstration of 'Tiger in a tree'

We focus on Nurturing touch, meditation, the principles of reiki, the chakras and the endocrine system for parent and baby wellbeing and the importance of community and connection


Nature Babies Class Leader Accreditation


Nature based play for babies- busting myths

How can nature support perinatal menatl health?

Enabling outdoor environments for babies

Seasonal mindful activities

Workshop and class plans

A  Parent  Workbook (44 pages)


Perinatal Mother Circle Facilitation Accreditation


This unique training explores the link between nature and our natural cycles as women. It supports practitioners to create a safe, nurturing space where mothers feel truly held and seen. It includes a beautiful e-journal for use within your workshops and full workshop plans.


Added FREE bonuses

-Affordable, flexible payment plans

-Regularly updated course content

-The Wildflower  Business Toolkit

-The Wildflower Practitioner Nurture Toolkit

-Ongoing membership to our closed community group

-A discount on further training

-Ongoing support and one to one mentorship as part of the Baby Business Academy (worth £597)

-Free & Half Price Yoga and wellbeing classes in the Wildflower Online Studio

- Exclusive Training Webinars 

Nature Nurtures Wellbeing Programme