Our Mother Mother Nurtured Postnatal Doula Training Programme provides extensive training in the following areas, enabling you to support families from birth up until their little one starts school, through private consultations, workshops and regular classes:


 Certification in Perinatal Anatomy & Physiology - understanding how the body works is a vital foundation for supporting women during the postnatal period and beyond


Fourth Trimester Wellbeing Practitioner Accreditation-  This module covers:

Defining the Fourth Trimester

Physical Recovery

Postnatal Nutrition and Exercise

Emotional wellbeing

Understanding Birth Trauma

Professional Limitations

A 67 page parent workbook with nourishing postnatal recovery recipes, yoga, guided meditation, the safe use of essential oils and journaling prompts

Workshop plans



Womb to World Newborn Care Practitioner Accreditation- this module covers:

Birth from babies perspective!

The first 1001 days- responsive parenting and nurturing touch

Video Tutorial - Tiger in a tree hold

Recognising Baby's cues

Sleep. feeding and bathing

Caring for multiples & siblings

Newborn skin care

Recognising colic and reflux

A massage routine to aide constipation and colic

Breast/chest feeding

Formula and combi feeding

A mindful approach to feeding

Family wellbeing

Professional limitations

A 39 page parent workbook 

Workshop and consultancy plans



Gentle Sleep Consultancy- this module covers:

Cultural diversity and infant sleep

Safe sleep guidance

Sleep Science

Understanding circadian rhythms

The effect of sleep deprivation on family wellbeing

Why we don't offer 'sleep training'

Sleep and feeding/nutrition

A focus on newborn sleep (0-3 months)

A focus on infant sleep (6-12 months)

A focus on infant sleep (1-2 years)

A focus on toddler/preschool  sleep (2-5 years)

A gentle sleep parent workbook

Consultancy and workshop plans


Understanding Postnatal Depletion-  Why wellbeing and self care matters



Doula Professional Practice - Understanding the role and limitations of working professionally as a Wildflower Doula



Baby Massage OR Baby Yoga Teacher Training- Provide a weekly parent and baby wellbeing class




Access to our closed practitioner community group on facebook


Full individual business mentorship and support 


Membership of the Wildflower Online Yoga and wellbeing studio - supporting you to nurture yourself!

Mother Nurtured Postnatal Doula Training