Mama Wild Accreditation takes us on a mindful journey through the year, connecting with the seasons, the natural cycles of nature and providing us with an opportunity to feel genuinely grounded.


The programme focuses on  supporting Perinatal wellbeing through meditation, yoga mindfulness, journalling, ayurveda, forest therapy,  aromatherapy and holistic wellbeing as well as exploring an eco conscious approach to motherhood.


Each season you will recieve a pack (pdf) which includes guided meditations for the season, mindful nature based eco friendly activities and crafts, a focus on the cycles of the moon and nature for that season, yoga flows, recipes to nurture and nourish, dedicated guides on aromatherapy and taking an ayurvedic approach to perinatal wellbeing, realistic ways to connect to nature and embrace the benefits of both eco therapy and forest therapy plus a beautiful journal to complete.


You receive a Mama Wild  logo & certificate for each completed season, with the option to become a fully accredited Wild Mama Ambassador upon completion of the full year - demonstrating your commitment to truly understanding the importance of holstic wellbeing and self care on a personal level- you can't pour from an empty cup!


The journals and all of the information within each pack can be used within baby classes, yoga classes or workshops (but must not be altered or replicated in any way)or as a beautiful way to support your own wellbeing.


If you would like to professionally run wellbeing retreats or workshops then check out our range of Sanctuary mum and baby spa courses, Mother circle Faciltation training or Retreat Practitioner training.





Mama Wild Accreditation