Our full Developmental Play & Wellbeing Practitioner Accreditation, including:

Baby Massage Teacher Training

BabyYoga-  Seedlings Sensory Stretch and Sing Training

Advanced Baby Yoga- Little Buds Sensory Stretch and Sing Training

Wildflower Little Yogi Teacher Training (2-8 years)

Nature Babies Practitioner Training

Nature Explorers Practitioner Training

Curricula from around the world  including Montessori, Rie, Pikler, Reggio Emilia and Tewhariki- earn logos for each one

Process Art in the Early Years

Aromatherapy as a sensory play tool


Access to our Wildflower Library of play ideas

8 PDF parent workbooks, specialist workshop & class plans included

20 Video tutorials with expertly designed rourines you can use in your classes


Access to 'Play Wild' - A year long seasonal play and wellbeing programme (includes a programme for each season) connecting children to nature, wildlife, the moon and the stars, their community and themselves!


Each Module comes with a parent ebook and handouts, extensive class and specialist workshop plans and video tutorials


Added FREE bonuses

-Affordable, flexible payment plans

-Regularly updated course content

-The Wildflower  Business Toolkit

-The Wildflower Practitioner Nurture Toolkit

-Ongoing membership to our closed community group

-A discount on further training

-Ongoing support and one to one mentorship

-Half Price Yoga and wellbeing classes in the Wildflower Online Studio

- Exclusive Training Webinars 

Little Wildflower Developmental Play & Wellbeing Programme