This unique training is included in our Baby Massage & Yoga Teacher Training and is also available as a stand alone course.


It focuses on the needs of crawlers, cruisers and wobbly walkers... mobile babies are often at a stage where they’ve outgrown baby classes but aren’t quite ready to join a toddler class, Little Buds provides a programme to meet this unique developmental stage.


We take a child led approach to supporting sequential learning pathways and explore tummy time, tummy crawling, rolling, crawling, bobbing and standing and taking those first few wobbly steps!


We create safe, inviting ‘Baby Gym’ classes that include Developmentally appropriate Advanced Baby Yoga routines and sensory play opportunities- with our certificate in process art in the early years included!


Includes  class plans for a full term


Baby led Play Toolkit


Process art in the Early Years Certificate


Class handouts and resources


Ongoing support as a member of our community


Little Buds Advanced Baby Yoga/ Baby Gym & Developmental Play Teacher Training