Our Fourth Trimester wellbeing course focuses on the transition into Motherhood and the importance of postnatal planning. It includes:

Cultural Diversity of Motherhood

The importance of the 'village'

Space for a postnatal plan

Self care during the early days at home

Care of the perineum/tears

Birth Trauma & perinatal mental health

Pregnancy & Postnatal exercise


Yoga flows

Guided meditations

Recipes- including lactation cookies and nutritious freezer meals

A guide to creating a soothing aromatherapy perineum soak

A PDF parent workbooks, specialist workshop & class plans included

Video tutorials

Baby business & self care for mums toolkit

Membership to our closed Practitioner community

Personal business mentorship

Exclusive access to new courses

A generous discount on further training

No time limit- study at your own pace

A personalised online learning space

Printable course text


Fourth trimester wellbeing CPD