Wildflower Baby Massage Teacher Training includes:

Fourth Trimester Wellbeing Practitioner Accreditation

History of baby massage

Techniques to calm, soothe and settle babies

Massage for Colic and reflux

Massage for constipation

Massage for teething

How massage supports early sensory integration

The role of massage in naturally nurturing the bond between mum and baby

An extensive PDF parent workbook, specialist workshop & class plans included

Video tutorials


Baby Yoga: Seedlings - 

This class is suitable from 16 weeks. We use gentle movement and sensory exploration to support babies natural curiosity to explore their body and how it moves.


This course covers cognitive, language, physical and socio-emotional development at this age and has a strong focus on the role of Tummy Time as position for play.


It includes 2 detailed parent pdf workbooks, where parents can track their little ones progress and consider the next steps in their learning journey and  5 'Baby Sensory Stretch and Sing' video tutorials of routines for you to use in your classes!


Advanced Baby Yoga: Little Buds Baby Gym- 

Suitable for when baby begins to move! Babies on the move need a totally different environment- they need to be able to touch and explore freely and safely. This course provides you with the developmental knowledge to understand how to provide stimulating, enabling environments and activities for this age group in the form of a baby gym class!


​- A Baby Led Play Toolkit 

-A Pikler and RIE Montessori curricula focus


Each Module comes with a parent ebook and handouts, extensive class and specialist workshop plans and video tutorials


Added FREE bonuses

-Affordable, flexible payment plans

-Regularly updated course content

-The Wildflower  Business Toolkit

-The Wildflower Practitioner Nurture Toolkit

-Ongoing membership to our closed community group

-A discount on further training

-Ongoing support and one to one mentorship

-Half Price Yoga and wellbeing classes in the Wildflower Online Studio

- Exclusive Training Webinars 


Baby Massage , Baby Yoga ,Baby Gym & Developmental Play Teaching Diploma