Our Wildflower Holistic Birth Mentor training takes a unique approach to pregnancy wellness and birth preparation. We believe that knowledge is power, and want to empower our mums to be with all the tools they need to feel, calm, confident, nurtured and prepared for birth and Motherhood.

We incorporate gentle pregnancy yoga with hypnobirthing techniques, practical antenatal advice and birth preparation to support women on all levels.

Our Birth Mentors are experts in their field, with a passion for supporting the women in their community. Many go on to train as Mother Nurtured Postnatal Practitioners and continue to provide fourth trimester support, classes and workshops.


We also train our practitioners to teach Babywearing Yoga, Baby Massage, Baby Developmental play and specialise in areas  like Child led potty training,  Mum and baby aromatherapy and  Terrific Two's!  Birth preparation is just the start of your journey when you choose a Wildflower Practitioner or begin your training with us.

We provide ongoing support in the form of unlimited personal mentorship from me, access to a wide variety of free resources, membership of our closed facebook community and exclusive access to new training- with a generous discount.  We are incredibly proud of our practitioners and our amazing global community. 

If you would like to train to become a Wildflower Holistic Birth Mentor then please get in touch for more information, we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to continue to support Mothers during their transition into Motherhood then our Mother Nurtured Diploma 

will provide you with the expert knowledge, guidance and support to do this. The course covers Fourth Trimester support, Womb to World newborn care, Gentle Sleep consultancy and Baby developmental play - with seedlings sensory stretch and sing instructor training included. The course includes exploring the cultural diversity of motherhood, recipes, postnatal exercise and yoga flows, guided meditations, reflexology ideas, aromatherapy guides and so much  more! Detailed workshop guides, class plans and ebooks are included.

The modules within the course can be bought seperately as CPD also.

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Holistic Birth Mentor Training

Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby

Mother Nurtured Postnatal Practitioner Training


The Mother Nurtured Training has totally transformed my classes, its given me the confidence to empower mums and watching friendships blossom and support networks being created is magical! I've signed up for the Holistic Birth Mentor Training and Yogaroos courses too- i love how each course leads to the next- there's always something to add!"

Wildflower Postnatal & Birth Doula Training launching  January 2021- Join the waiting  list now!