At Wildflower, we want to support parents throughout every stage, from pregnancy through to your child's early years. We offer expert, non judgemental, practical, holistic support. Wildflower practitioners are utilizing our gentle, responsive approach all over the UK to support parents with everything from sleep, potty training and toddler tantrums through to natural weaning and fussy eaters! Our CPD courses are all just £125, meaning you can offer a range of workshops (there are waiting lists for these and our practitioners are doubling their investment from their very first workshop!)

A gentle, child led approach based on neuroscience works- no time out or naughty corners! Understanding how our little ones think and develop at every stage is at the heart of providing effective, practical support. These course are poular with Baby Massage Teachers, Early Years educators and antenatal teachers who want to add to the services they offer. They acn be run as one to one consultations or workshops, either face to face or online and come with parent ebooks and detailed class and workshop plans. Here are some of our most popular courses.

Playing with Toys

Child led Potty Training


Gentle Sleep Consultancy

Newborn Baby Foot

Baby & Toddler Reflexology

Mother and Baby

Fourth Trimester Wellbeing

Sweet Toddler

Terrific Twos

Cute Girl Eating Apple

Fussy Eaters & Natural Weaning

Mother and Newborn

Recognising Birth Trauma

Newborn Sleeping

Womb to World Newborn care

Playing with Toys

Wildflower parenting courses have been a game changer, both for my business and my family!  They have revolutionised my understanding of baby and child development and the way in which i support parents- i highly recommend them!"