At Wildflower, we want to support parents throughout every stage, from pregnancy through to your child's early years. We offer expert, non judgemental, practical, holistic support. Wildflower practitioners are utilizing our gentle, responsive approach all over the UK to support parents with everything from sleep, potty training and toddler tantrums through to natural weaning and fussy eaters! 

We offer Four full Parent and Baby Wellbeing Diplomas and our Holistic newborn Nurture Programme 

Baby Massage  Teacher Training- Our Baby Massage Teachers support parents to use the power of touch and connection to understand their babies cues and feel empowered to meet their needs with love. We include specialist class plans to cover colic, constipation, teething, tummy time, congestion and colds. The course comes with full class video tutorials.

Wildflower Parent & Baby Nurture Diploma- This is our full package of nurturing support for new parents and their babies and includes:

Fourth Trimester Postnatal Wellbeing 

Womb to world newborn care

Baby Massage Teacher Training

Baby Yoga &  Developmental Play Teacher Training

Baby and Toddler Reflexology Teacher Training

Gentle Sleep Support Consultant Accreditation

Babywearing Consultant Accreditation

Meditation for Mothers

Facilitating a Mother circle

Full workshop and class plans are included for each module.

Connected Parenting Diploma: A gentle, child led approach based on neuroscience works- no time out or naughty corners! Understanding how our little ones think and develop at every stage is at the heart of providing effective, practical support. This Diploma includes:

Baby Massage Teacher Training

Gentle Sleep Consultancy

Terrific Twos

Child led potty Training

Fussy Eaters

Natural Weaning

Connected Parenting Practitioners can run classes and workshops in each of these areas and offer one to one parent consultations.



Matrescence Practitioner Diploma: "The process of becoming a Mother"

Become a Wildflower Matrescence Practitioner and professionally qualify in:

Fourth Trimester Wellbeing

Parent & Baby Postnatal Recovery Yoga TT

Parent & Baby Holistic newborn nurture

Nature Babies Class leader training

Postnatal Nutrition

Birth Trauma Support

Postnatal Recovery Massage

Parent & Baby Holistic newborn Nurture Programme: This beautiful course provides practitioners with the skills to holistically support new parents and their babies and is the ideal class to teach before Baby Massage. Join today for just £175 (total cost)

It works beautifully alongside our baby massage, nature babies, babywearing and postnatal training courses

This training includes :

5 class plans with parent e-books covering


Newborn Sleep

Early attachment

Recognising babies cues

Postnatal wellbeing

7 guided meditation scripts

A 97 page printable workbook

Video lectures including a demonstration of 'Tiger in a tree'

We focus on Nurturing touch, meditation, the principles of reiki, the chakras and the endocrine system for parent and baby wellbeing and the importance of community and connection

Gentle Sleep Consultancy: This course explores the cultural connotations surrounding sleep expectancy, how we can use responsive parenting techniques to empower parents to respond to their babies needs with love and how we can support healthy sleep patterns from birth to five years and beyond, that will improve the wellbeing of the family as a whole.

The course includes a sleepy bedtime massage routine, a toddler calm down toolkit (which includes a reflexology routine, montessori inspired routine cards and ideas for calming sensory play) and a parent ebook for you to gift to those using your services.

This course is suitable for those already working with mums and babies or who would like to begin a career as an independent gentle sleep consultant.

PLUS: Every Wildflower Practitioner automatically becomes a member of The Baby Business Coach Academy and receives FREE mentorship and coaching worth £597!

Mother Holding Baby's Hand

Baby Massage Teacher Training

Sweet Toddler

Connected Parenting Diploma

Mother Holding Baby

Parent & Baby Nurture Diploma

Matrescence Practitioner Diploma
Newborn Baby
Sleeping Baby

Parent & Baby Holistic Newborn Nurture Programme

Gentle Sleep Consultancy

Cute Girl Eating Apple

Fussy Eaters Programme


Natural Weaning Programme

Baby Playing with Building Blocks

Wildflower parenting courses have been a game changer, both for my business and my family!  They have revolutionised my understanding of baby and child development and the way in which i support parents- i highly recommend them!"

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This exclusive course will qualify you professionally as :


A Postnatal Doula


A Postnatal Recovery Yoga Teacher


A Postnatal Recovery Massage Therapist


A Baby Massage Teacher


A Baby Yoga & Baby Led Play Teacher


A Babywearing & Cloth Nappy Consultant


A Yogaroos Babywearing Yoga Teacher


A Mindful Mumma Fitness Instructor


A Sanctuary Mum and Baby Retreat Practitioner


A Holistic Newborn Nurture Teacher


A Nature Babies Class Leader


A Mother Circle Facilitator




This exclusive programme also includes:


Advanced Business Mentorship


Monthly  CPD masterclasses with a range of wellbeing specialists ( certificates issued) with the opportunity to host your own masterclass in your area of expertise


The opportunity to practice teach in our online studio


Individualised study plans


Monthly accountability & mentorship calls


A quarterly business review with written action plan


A listing on our Website as an Accredited Wildflower Specialist Teacher


No time restrictions - the programme will be run over 12 months but you can take as long as you need to complete the coursework and case studies ( all cpd will be recorded)