At Wildflower we know that parenting is the most incredible but also most exhausting job in the world! There's so much information out there (and lots of advice from well meaning relatives!) which makes it hard to know what to do for the best when it comes to your little wildflower.


Our parenting programmes provide you with evidence based practical support that you can access and work through at your own time (and keep coming back to whenever you need it) You also have access to a closed group full of parents in the same position as you - we want to support you to find your village!

If you would prefer face to face support that's local to you then please get in touch- we have a whole range of Wildflower trained Birth, Baby and Parenting Practitioners all over the UK, Canada, Australia and America.

You can also book a consultation directly with me

The following programmes will shortly be available for you to purchase:

Child Led Potty Training

Terrific Two's

Natural Weaning

Fussy Eaters

Sleep Support from birth to 5 years


Colic and Reflux

Child led play the natural way