Our Little Wildflower Developmental Play and Wellbeing Practitioner Programme provides our practitioners with a series of unique, specialist classes that expertly support the development of babies and children from 6 weeks through to school age, based on The Six Pillars of Play & Wellbeing for Little Wildflowers!


All of these sell out classes have been designed and run by me personally, they include detailed parent pfd workbooks for each stage.

The course includes:

Nurturing Newborns Naturally-Baby Massage Teacher Training (worth £375) This is our first class and is suitable from 6 weeks. Become a Wildflower Baby Massage Teacher and support mums to use the power of nurturing touch to soothe and relax their baby, ease digestive issues, constipation, teething pain, improve muscle tone, and calm colicky babies. This course also covers the science behind baby massage, how the love hormone oxytocin supports bonding and attachment in the early days, helps support healthy infant brain development and how massaging their baby can have a positive impact on a mothers mental health and wellbeing too. You receive a detailed parent pfd workbook and detailed video tutorials for each stage of the training.

Seedlings- Baby Yoga & Developmental Play - This class is suitable from 16 weeks. We use gentle movement and sensory exploration to support babies natural curiosity to explore their body and how it moves. This course covers cognitive, language, physical and socio-emotional development at this age and includes 2 detailed parent pdf workbooks, where they can track their little ones progress and consider the next steps in their learning journey- includes 5 'Baby Sensory Stretch and Sing' video tutorials of routines for you to use in your classes!

Little Buds- Advanced Baby Yoga & Developmental play- Suitable for when baby begins to move! Babies on the move need a totally different environment- they need to be able to touch and explore freely and safely. This course provides you with the developmental knowledge to understand how to provide stimulating, enabling environments and activities for this age group.It also includes 5 'Toddler Sensory Stretch and sing' video tutorials of routines for you to use in your classes for cruisers, crawlers and wobbly walkers and 2 parent pdf workbooks!

Nature Babies- The benefits of nature and fresh air for new parents and their babies are endless. In this module we look at how to safely run outdoor nature based classes that focus on early parent and baby wellbeing and include guided meditations and mindful activities linked to the seasons, as well as baby developmental play ideas.

Nature Tots & Explorers- These classes are suitable for children who are on the move and need new physical and cognitive challenges. Children at this age learn best when we follow their lead and allow them to learn at their own pace and in their own way. We have a strong emphasis on supporting healthy ways to regulate emotion by using creativity and movement. Practitioners will explore a diverse range of curricula, including  Montessori and the Forest school ethos and learn how to plan and develop genuinely child led activities and support little ones to become kind, responsible members of their community.


  We believe fresh air, mud pies and nature combined with yoga provide the perfect environment for this- having previously set up and run my own forest school, i have first hand experience of this to share with you! Including  Forest Fairy magic!


 Wildflower Little Yogis- Yoga Teacher Training for children from 2-8 years, utilising our unique approach to engage and support our little yogis to manage their emotions and providing them with a toolkit of self care techniques - all whilst having fun!

This course also includes certificates in:

Hygge Learning Environments

Early Years Process Art

Babyled Play

Aromatherapy as a sensory play tool

The Forest School Ethos

TeWhariki Curricula focus

Pikler & Rie Curricula focus

Reggio Emilia Curricula focus

Montessori Curricula focus

Business set up and ongoing support- This diploma comes with business set up support- including class and workshop plans and ideas, booking form and risk assessment templates. It also includes lifetime access to our online community for practitioners


PLUS: Every Wildflower Practitioner automatically becomes a member of The Baby Business Coach Academy and receives FREE mentorship and coaching worth £597!

We believe that Yoga should be accessible to everyone and have worked closely with leading experts to design a Children's Yoga Teacher Training course that specifically meets the needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities. This training enables our teachers to work on a one to one basis with children and their families and also within schools and nurseries. (Not included in the play programme)

We have combined all the best aspects of baby and toddler yoga , preschool yoga and sensory play classes and added in age appropriate action songs and sensory play ideas to offer a full learning experience at each age!  Incorporating movement to support healthy brain body connections, coordination, gross motor skills and  stimulate the vestibular and proprioceptive systems, songs to encourage early communication, connection and language and sensory play to support early mark making, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills as well as carefully stimulating all of their senses naturally and promoting the importance of mindful, quiet time as a wellbeing tool for all little ones.


Childminders and Nurseries can become Little Wildflower Ambassador settings- get in touch for more information!

Our Terrific Two's, Child Led Potty Training and Baby & Toddler Reflexology Programmes focus on the importance of brain body integration, connection and authentically child led learning and come with fabulous parent ebooks and extensive workshop ideas!

Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby

Baby Massage Teacher Training


The Wildflower Play & Wellbeing Programme & Nature Play Practitioner Accreditation

Children in Yoga Class

Little Yogi's Childrens Yoga TT

Cute Toddler

Terrific Twos Programme

Exercising with Baby

Baby Yoga & Advanced Baby  Yoga-Sensory, Stretch & Sing

Child in Air Yoga

Little Yogi's & Little Yogis for SEND

Playing with Toys

Child Led Potty Training Programme

Baby's Feet

Baby & Toddler Reflexology Practitioner


"As a childminder you can feel really isolated, the community aspect of training with Wildflower has helped me so much. The knowledge i've gained has been invaluable and the parents love the ebooks! Being able to work at my own pace has been a godsend and the children are loving the new activities- there are no gimmicks, its science based early years education you can actually use practically"

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