PARENTING WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE THIS WAY.....  We aren't designed to parent in isolation. We aren't designed to be dividing our attention between a million different things at the same time. We aren't designed to live in a constant state of 'doing' . Eventually our mind and body will stop us in our tracks.

I know this because it's exactly what happened to me!

After over 20 years of working with families i was completely depleted by the never ending treadmill of balancing work and parenting. I had zero time to do the things that made me truly happy or to work in a way that felt aligned - i was simply ticking off targets and completing endless paperwork. Something had to change.

In 2018 Wildflower was born .  I quickly realised that my passion for a slower, more connected, natural pace of life was something so many parents longed for . My classes, workshops and consultations sold out and had waiting lists. I had endless conversations with mums who were dreading going back to work after their maternity leave but felt they had no other choice.

I knew i could make a real difference.

I knew that by sharing my knowledge and expertise  i could support other mums to create a work life balance that gave them genuine freedom. 

I knew that this professional knowledge could enable them to create networks of support within their own communities and  provide families with non judgemental, evidence based advice and guidance- empowering them to ignore the 'should's ' and trust in their instincts.

Wildflower is now one of the most recognised and respected providers of training for independent Pregnancy, Birth, Parenting and Play Practitioners across the globe and has an expanding team of Wildflower Lecturers, including midwives, health visitors, occupational therapists, teachers, nurses, experienced doulas, holistic therapists, mental health specialists, infant feeding specialists and play experts, who contribute to our training programmes and provide specialist CPD webinars.

Our online Yoga & Wellbeing Studio 'Commune' hosts a number of workshops and classes. We also have a free Wildflower Commune group over on facebook where you can join us for all things parent, baby and wellbeing!









What We offer is truly unique- find out for yourself!......

CONNECTION.....  This is at the very heart of everything we teach. Our courses are about connection on all levels from fertility and pregnancy all the way throughout the early years of a child's life and beyond.

We support parents to understand how
connection, attachment and gentle, responsive parenting is the foundation for healthy development through babywearing, yoga and baby massage. We create safe, nurturing spaces for parents to connect and build a support network, we provide opportunities through yoga and meditation for mums to connect to themselves and think about their own needs. Postnatal Recovery is something the western world has forgotten - we are on a mission to make it accessible to all!

Our approach to birth is unique and authentically holistic- birthing people need to feel informed, respected, safe and cared for. Our teachers utilise the intrinsic
connection between the mind and body - birth isn't just a physical process!

Our gentle parenting classes help families to
connect to to one another in a respectful, meaningful way and our play programme supports little ones to feel connected to the world around them and to their community.

connect like minded , progressive practitioners together in our community, where they share ideas, work opportunities and support one another wholeheartedly within our  'collaboration over competition' collective mindset.

We provide a circle of support for women at every stage of life - bringing back the village ethos that is so missed in modern motherhood. 

Lastly, we are so much more than a training provider! Every member of our community receives totally free business mentorship, with lifetime access to course material and membership of our closed facebook group, full of Doulas, Midwives, Health visitors, Baby massage teachers, Yoga teachers, Forest school leaders, Maternity nurses and Early Years professionals.

We provide free ebooks, online and printable course texts, parent handouts and class resources, video tutorials, an online learning portal for you to store your courses safely, free business mentorship and a generous discount on any further training you book with us.

We also offer flexible payment plans on all our courses- we don't want finances to stop you reaching for the stars!


MEET THE FOUNDER........   I'm mummy to two little divas Lola & Evie, wife to Steve and fur mummy to all our animals! They are my world and the reason Little Wildflower was set up in 2018- flexible working for mums is a minefield and the mummy guilt was non stop! 

My own experience of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood was pretty turbulent. Only now, in retrospect do i realise that i was suffering with Postnatal Anxiety and Birth Trauma- why are these things never spoken about? These experiences spurred me on to want to support other women- nobody should feel judged, alone or vulnerable at this time in their life.

I’ve spent the past 22 years working with families in one role or another- from managing a large Early Years setting , working as an Independent Early Years Consultant & Trainer to working as a specialist Maternity nurse and Postnatal Doula. I have run workshops and training events for well known pregnancy and early years organisations such as Surestart , large day nurseries and also global baby class franchises. 

Most recently I’ve designed and facilitated a range of successful classes and workshops for parents, babies and children, all running from our very own Family Forest School site-  including parenting support classes, yoga and relaxation sessions, nature tots, baby massage and reggio inspired play sessions.

I have two degrees -Early years education and BA (hons) Integrated working with Children & Families and hold a PGCert in Coaching and Tutoring.


I’m also a Royal college of Midwives qualified Baby massage instructor, Hypnobirthing Instructor, Birth and Postnatal Doula and Antenatal Teacher.


I'm a qualified Yoga teacher specialising in fertility, pregnancy and postnatal yoga for mums and babies (yoga alliance approved) and a REPS and CIMSPA  accredited Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness Instructor.


I'm trained in Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage , Pregnancy and postnatal Massage and Indian head Massage - the benefits of nurturing touch are for everyone!

I'm a lifelong learner (aka geek) and am currently training to become a Certified Ayurvedic Nutritionist- the way we fuel our body and mind and take care of ourselves sets the way for us to be able to fully care for those around us.

I’m truly passionate about providing more mums with the opportunity to work  around their families with our flexible, affordable training and sharing my passion for a more holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and the early years. I feel proud to be creating a community of mums supporting mums all over the globe! 

After all, they’re only little once! 

Want to know more about starting your own family friendly business with Wildflower? Book a call with me, i would love to help you get started, 




THE WILDFLOWER CIRCLE OF WELLBEING....    At Wildflower we know that continuity of care and building trusting relationships is vital . This is why our training programmes enable our teachers to support  families during the journey into parenthood and all the way through to the menopause and beyond- creating  a circle of holistic wellbeing and support around each and every individual community. 

Our ethos of gentle, practical, accessible support binds this circle  and makes our practitioners truly unique.

Our Embodied Fertility and Embrace Menopause Practitioner Programmes are set to launch later in 2022 and we already have a list of teachers waiting to add the final elements of the circle to their provision!

Our Birth programmes include:  Holistic Hypnobirthing Teacher Training, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training, Holistic Birth Mentor Accreditation , Birth Doula and Pregnancy Massage Therapist Training

Our Postnatal Recovery programmes include: Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training,  Fourth Trimester Wellbeing Accreditation, Mother Nurtured Postnatal Doula Training, Our Parent & Baby Wellbeing Diploma, Postnatal Recovery Massage Therapist Accreditation, Mindful Mumma Fitness Instructor Training , Yogaroos Babywearing Yoga Teacher Training and Womb to World newborn care.

Our Connected Parenting & Play programmes include the Wildflower Developmental Play & Wellbeing Diploma, Our Connected Parenting Diploma, Baby Massage Teacher Training, Baby Yoga & Advanced Baby Yoga Teacher Training, Little Yogis Teacher Training (2-8 years)  Potty Training the Play Way, Natural Weaning, Fussy eaters- a child led approach, Gentle Sleep Consultancy, 

Babywearing & Cloth Nappy Consultancy and Nature Play Practitioner Accreditation.

Our Mama ReWild Programme is a year long wellbeing immersion - focusing on the importance of self care through connection to nature, reconnection to the power within us and to the power of community. It includes Ayurveda, Shakti Yoga, Ecotherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Aromatherapy, cyclical and lunar living and is completely magical!

You can also choose to become a Wildflower Specialist and complete all of our training for that specific area. Specialists also recieve access to our Mama ReWild programme , all of our CPD webinars, a listing on our website and advanced business mentorship*

*for a 12 month period

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