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Little Wildflower was founded in 2018, to holistically support families during pregnancy, birth and throughout their child's early years. Our ethos is based on a gentle, respectful, community approach to parenting, where mums feel empowered and supported during pregnancy and birth, understand their babies cues and meet their needs with love. We believe that babies and children should be gently nurtured to reach milestones in their own time and at their own pace and that modern motherhood is lacking the 'village' support network that is so vital to postnatal wellbeing.

We wholeheartedly believe that nature nurtures and nourishes every one of us and that a connection to it's natural cycles and phases helps us to live at a more gentle, mindful , sustainable pace- what's the great hurry to move onto the next thing?!

Our Holistic Birth Mentors, Doulas and Mother Nurtured Postnatal Practitioners provide mums with a safe, nurturing, empowering space during pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester- supporting them to connect and build their village at the earliest opportunity. Many are specially trained to offer Wildflower Sanctuary treatments and run classes to support the holistic wellbeing of parents.

Connection is at the heart of every single one of our courses and links each course to the next, there's always a space for you at Wildflower. Our signature Yogaroos babywearing Yoga Teacher Training is a unique way to support mums to bond and connect with their baby whilst realigning their mind and body postnatally- it follows on the incredible work done in our birth preparation classes, which focus on hypnobirthing techniques, aromatherapy, touch and pregnancy yoga.

Childhood should be filled with creativity, yoga, singing, curiosity, movement, mud pies and memory making- which is why we support our Play Practitioners and Accredited settings to take a gentle, holistic, responsive approach, genuinely following the child's lead using a range of curricula from Montessori and the Forest School ethos, through to Pikler and RIE.

All our courses are fully and professionally insurable, are designed in collaboration with leading industry experts and can be used to run classes and workshops. Our Wildflower community is rapidly growing all over the UK, and even as far as  New Zealand, Australia, Canada and America.































One word- Connection! This is at the very heart of everything we teach. Our classes are about connection on all levels from pregnancy all the way throughout the early years of a child's life. We support parents to understand how connection, attachment and gentle, responsive parenting is the foundation for healthy development through babywearing, yoga and baby massage. We create safe, nurturing spaces for parents to connect and build a support network, we provide opportunities through yoga and meditation for mums to connect to themselves and think think about their own needs. Our gentle parenting classes help families to connect to to one another in a respectful, meaningful way and our play programme supports little ones to feel connected to the world around them and to their community. Lastly, we connect like minded , progressive practitioners together in our community, where they share ideas, work opportunities and support one another wholeheartedly within our  'collaboration over competition' collective mindset.
We are so much more than a training provider! Every member of our community receives totally free ongoing support, with lifetime access to course material and membership of our closed facebook group, full of Doulas, Midwives, Health visitors, Baby massage teachers, Yoga teachers, Forest school leaders, Maternity nurses and Early Years professionals.
We provide free ebooks, online and printable course texts, parent handouts and class resources, video tutorials, an online learning portal for you to store your courses safely, free business mentorship and a generous discount on any further training you book with us.
We also offer flexible payment plans on all our courses- we don't want finances to stop you reaching for the stars!
Every member of our community receives FREE Yoga classes and wellbeing workshops via our online studio  as well as FREE CPD webinars & ongoing membership of The Baby Business Coach Academy  with FREE individual mentorship and coaching worth £597!
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